Degree Authentication

The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRG) Representation in the United States (KRG-USA) is able to authenticate certifications (e.g. university diplomas, transcripts, et cetera) issued by US institutions for the following individuals:
Note:You have two options to authenticate your documents:
OPTION A: If you will be using your degree inside the Kurdistan Region of Iraq / KRG administered region only, you may proceed.
OPTION B: If you will be using your degree outside of the KRG administered areas, we recommend you authenticating your degree though the Iraqi Cultural Office at: Note: KRG institutions recognize documents authenticated through the Iraqi Cultural Office as well.
If your degree was earned from US Universities then please refer to the attached documents for the steps and documents you need for authentication.
1. Instructions for Authentication of Certifications Issued by U.S. Academic Institutions (in English)
2. Application Form for Authentication of Higher Education Certification
3. Release of Academic Records Consent Form
Additional Notes:
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